The Existential Adventures of Crazy Man and the Dog Who Sidestepped Out

Shit. The dog’s dead. How did that happen? What’s Crazy Man going to do without his weird sidekick. Let’s give him a breather. Let’s give him a day to grieve or just get his head around this nasty surprise on the path of adventure and new meanings.

On the bright side, your clicking finger gets to rest today. No clicks. Just sorrow, regret, great personal anguish. But without the click. This might be a good time to crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine. I have wine. Wine heals the ill-tempered heart.

We’ll barge in on Crazy Man’s great personal anguish tomorrow. It’s Friday. Things are always better on Friday.

Let’s check out a few photos from past adventures. I’m sure that Crazy Man will be thinking about these times with the dog, Sidestepper.

Tune in tomorrow to share Crazy Man’s misery. As pretty much usual.

Author: biffmitchell

I'm a writer, photographer and illustrator. For more, visit

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