Biffed! The Newsletter…

I have a newsletter. It’s called Biffed! It can be delivered right to your inbox every two months…traffic and weather condition permitting.

“So, why should I subscribe to your newsletter, Biff?” said too many mean people in unison.

“Because,” said I, “it has many nice nice colors and lots of cool fonts. Sort of.”

“And,” I continued, “it has news of my last books and stuff along with links to free things like writing work shops, ebooks and a contest every issue. In this issue, you can win this…

That’s right…a genuine Doomsday Coffee Mug. Details are in the newsletter.

Second place winner gets an autographed copy of Boston Jonson in Murder by Art.

You can sign up here:

BTW, you can unsubscribe.

Author: biffmitchell

I'm a writer, photographer and illustrator. For more, visit

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