Crazy Man and the Dog, Sidestepper are back!

The Existential Adventures of Crazy Man and the Dog, Sidestepper, starts again on Wednesday, September 27 at

There’s some really weird stuff about to happen as the two travelers journey into a world full of “this outside thing” with all its horrors, sorrows, laughs, cheers, tears, screams and talking trees.

For now, it’s just once a week. I’m coming out with a book of short stories called Blowing Up this Fall and I get paid for that…I mean…it pays for the beer I drink while I’m writing this series.

Happy reading.



This series explores the mess we’ve made of the world by having two unlikely characters talk to the world…trees, the sky, oceans, dead birds, mean birds, garbage cans, non-vegan deer and lost ragdolls…you know, the stuff of life and the world.

Each episode is inspired by a photograph because every photo is a picture of life, of the world, and depending on your point-of-view, every picture tells a thousand stories.

I’m taking a much-needed summer break from the series while I re-stock my photo library and read through the first one hundred episodes to see how many spelling and grammar mistakes I can make in one hundred episodes. So far, it’s a lot.

During this time, I came across an image that didn’t seem to fit in the series, but it had a story to tell. I warn you, though…it’s not a pleasant story. You can read it by clicking here.